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laylafic: STR | Kirk/Spock | A Second Chance, Part 1(a)/4

Title: A Second Chance, Part 1(a)/4 Author: ayesakara aka laylafic Universe/Series: Star Trek Reboot Pairing: Kirk/Spock Rating: NC-17 Relationship status: First time ...

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Planet Gliese 581 G Capable of Supporting Life - Yahoo! Voices ...

UC Scientist Steven Vogt says the chance of life on a newly discovered planet, Gliese 581 G is 100 percent. Read about this new discovery.

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Jumbo Bucks

Scratchers ; Second Chance Games ; QUICK CHECK ; Millionaire ... The Arizona Lottery pays all prizes including prizes $ ... Prize Odds: Winning Tickets Remaining: $100000: 1 in 216,000

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Your 0.2 Second Chance to Make a First Impression

There's a lot of talk about how short the average user's attention span is online (and believe me, it's short). An online user can take as little as 0.2 seconds to ...

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Eric And Dylan: A Second Chance

This is a website honoring Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold. On this website, you will find a number of fun and informative articles and sections on two ...

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Second Life Forums Archive - Furry Places?

Second Life Forums Archive gt; Resident Forums gt; Resident Conversation gt; Resident Answers ... If anyone has any other suggestions for social places and/or RP settings for furry ...

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Home Telehealth's Second Life

Home Telehealth's quot;Second Life quot; The Role Health ... healthcare institutions and healthinstitutions and health--related businesses related businesses in Second Life ... slhealthy ...

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Working Inworld General - Second Life - Virtual Worlds, Avatars ...

... number of resources for science and health-related projects in Second Life. ... club networks in California and home to 18 ... educational institutions, and healthcare ...

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